Monday, June 21, 2010

Unit 6

Last week was one of the hardest weeks for me. The humidity is up and my breathing is down. One top of the humidity, I think I've caught a chest cold and my cough is really unproductive. I'm wheezing bad and it is really hard to read or study when your breathing is so noisy. Oh well it's what I have to live with and I guess it's better than the alternative.


Morris, I may have a partial answer for you. There is a study being conduct at the University of Wisconsin right now that is looking at SIDS and sleep apnea. To qualify as a SIDS death the autopsy must reveal nothing as a cause of death. Sleep apnea and SIDS in premature infants seems to be linked. If the infant stops breathing and the brain in incapable of waking the infant up, to restart the breathing than death would occur. There would be no trauma; the infant just didn't wake up to restart the breathing. Sometime this year they are supposed to have another progress report published.


Have a good week everyone.

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