Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Unit 5

This week we are suppose to choose one of the topics to write about. So I'm choosing "How is school influencing your life at or up to this point?"

Right now school is about the only positive I have in my life.

I've been unemployed for 18 months and the last time I was on an interview was November. I've worked in the accounting field for 27 years and for most of the companies think I have too much experience. When I try for the more experienced positions, I get the letter or email that they have chosen someone more fit for the position. Because of how the asthma affects my breathing, I can't walk very fast and I have trouble getting my breath, when I do interview I can see the negative reaction my breathing causes in their face. I always knew that my weight was a strike against me, but now my breathing is a bigger strike and seems to me harder to overcome.

So why is school so positive? I've always thought that I could be a professional student and just keep on learning. I enjoy learning and expanding my potential. I'm also learning something that will give me the opportunity to stay home and earn a living by becoming a medical transcriptionist. My plan is to get my training and find work then try to work for a company while I stay home or start my own company. Either way school right now is helping me to stay positive. Oh I get down and it's hard to find a bright spot but my schooling really is helping me to achieve my goal.

Hope you all have a good week.

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